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Creative Computing Magazine

Creative Computing was one of the earliest magazines covering the microcomputer revolution. Published from October 1974 until December 1985, Creative Computing covered the whole spectrum of hobbyist/home/personal computing in a more accessible format than the rather technically oriented BYTE. The magazine was founded by David H. Ahl, who sold it to Ziff-Davis in the early 1980s, but remained as Editor-in-Chief. Featured writers included Robert Swirsky, David Lubar, and John J. Anderson. The magazine regularly included BASIC source code for utility programs and games, which users could manually enter into their home computers. At the end of its run, Creative Computing was attempting to refocus on business computing (as was the trend in most computer magazines of the time), but was not successful at this and ultimately ceased publication.

Ted Nelson, known for the invention of hypertext, was briefly the editor.

The April, 1980 issue of Creative Computing contained clever parodies of all of the major computer magazines of the time.

This collection of Creative Computing scans was organized and conducted by Kevin Savetz.


texts 104
images 1

The Computer Magazine Archives

computer 90
creative computing 89
program 87
software 86
disk 79
creative 70
apple 62
computing 57
disk drive 56
radio shack 50
personal computer 46
print 44
programs 43
word processing 40
data 36
machine language 34
color 29
residents add 28
north star 27
atari 26
ibm 24
heathkit electronic 19
graphics 18
print print 18
basic 17
toll free 15
data base 13
floppy disk 13
hard disk 13
word processor 12
dot matrix 11
assembly language 9
disk drives 9
ibm personal 7
operating system 7
Creative Computing 6
Creative Computing magazine 6
commodore 6
letter quality 6
personal computing 6
printer 6
small business 6
apple computer 5
double density 5
goto 5
servo card 5
1975 computer magazine 4
1977 computer magazine 4
color computer 4
computer games 4
lower case 4
model iii 4
software profile 4
Creative Computing Magazine 3
computing software 3
electric pencil 3
erm 3
personal computers 3
reader servo 3
Software Buyers Guide 2
bank street 2
color graphics 2
computers 2
data entry 2
data processing 2
display list 2
educational software 2
electronic centers 2
fuel oil 2
game 2
games 2
high resolution 2
magic window 2
modem 2
product review 2
programming 2
sale price 2
sale sale 2
service card 2
stock price 2
text 2
xxxx xxxx 2
1974 computer magazine 1
1978 1
1982 1
1982 computer magazine 1
1983 computer magazine 1
1984 1
1985 1
1985 computer magazine 1
Atari Corp. 1
BASIC computer games 1
BASIC programming language books 1
Buyer's Guide 1
City of the Future 1
David Ahl 1
Isaac Asimov 1
Nolan Bushnell 1
Senator John V. Tunney 1
Smalltalk 1
Super Star Trek game 1
accounts receivable 1
air traffic 1
american express 1
apple apple 1
aqi 1
aqj 1
article noun 1
auto race 1
basic computer 1
basic program 1
bit pad 1
bubble memory 1
business graphics 1
buyer's guide 1
card focus 1
card january 1
carpet sales 1
cass lbls 1
cassette 1
character set 1
check register 1
color printers 1
command table 1
computer art 1
computer book reviews 1
computer careers 1
computer languages 1
computer portrait 1
computer software 1
computer threat to society 1
con seg 1
con tri 1
condot 1
corollary 1
critical path 1
crude oil 1
cuotk 1
desktop publishing 1
educational 1
educational computing 1
exercise price 1
express orders 1
extended basic 1
external 1
extra cost 1
fbuc 1
feature feature 1
fox jumped 1
fund raising 1
games cassette 1
gosub 1
gsnbrsi 1
heath zenith 1
high technology 1
ift ift 1
input 1
input routine 1
integrated software 1
inventory 1
invotvn 1
item number 1
jan feb 1
japan 1
japanese 1
joj 1
jumped ouer 1
kilobaud microcomputing magazine 1
lan 1
ldos ldos 1
leading edge 1
leaving leaving 1
level iii 1
magic wand 1
mail lbls 1
mailing list 1
master charge 1
memory 1
menu 1
micro focus 1
micro music 1
microsoft windows 1
national computers in education conference 1
noa 1
ooo ooo 1
oooo oooo 1
operator stack 1
option premiums 1
order today 1
personal 1
player number 1
poke 1
post office 1
power supply 1
problem solving 1
programs requires 1
public access computing 1
pue 1
qrs complex 1
english 104
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Topics: program, computer, software, creative, disk, basic, computing, programs, creative computing, data,...
Topics: computer, apple, software, disk, computing, atari, creative, program, creative computing, programs,...
Creative Computing Magazine (March 1978) Volume 04 Number 02
Topics: program, computer, goto, inventory, computing, basic, print, software, programming, service card,...
Topics: ibm, program, software, computer, apple, programs, disk, tax, graphics, color, turbo pascal, letter...
Topics: computer, program, software, computing, creative, system, print, basic, xxxx xxxx, creative...
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Topics: computer, program, software, disk, creative, computing, programs, data, north star, creative...
Topics: ibm, color, graphics, computer, apple, program, disk, software, personal computer, modem, servo...
Topics: ibm, disk, program, computer, printer, apple, color, software, commodore, print, servo card, reader...
Topics: computer, program, software, disk, creative, basic, computing, programs, north star, creative...
Topics: ibm, apple, program, software, disk, commodore, color, computer, graphics, printer, creative...